How are municipalities involving youth in their decision making?

Study Visit
15-18 October 2023 | Agder, Norway

In this short study visit you will meet local youth and municipal staff to learn about, but also share experiences how municipalities involve young people in decision making processes.


Are you working in a municipality and interested in how other municipalities in Europe work to improve young people’s participation in decision making processes? Then this activity might be for you!


A 2,5 day visit in the southernmost region in Norway where you will meet representatives from different municipalities in the region, and learn more about what they are doing, what they are achieving and what the challenges are when it comes to including young people in decision making. You as participants will also share your own experiences and explore and reflect together on the different practises.


The Study Visit starts in Kristiansand (South of Norway). Arrivals expected before 17h on the 15th of October, departures from Kristiansand airport after midday on the 18th of October.


The aim of this study visit is to raise awareness about what youth participation means, what are the benefits, and the continous job it takes for a municipality to include young people in decision making processes. 

The concrete objectives are:

  • to learn about how youth participation is understood and implemented in different municipalities in the same Norwegian context
  • to share and reflect about your own practises
  • to get more familiar with the Reference Framework of Competences for Engaging Young People in Municipal Decision Making*, and how your municipality can work with it

*This activity is organised as part of a longterm European cooperation project called Democracy Reloading. One of the concrete outcomes of the project so far, is this competence framework. It is based on research and feedback from researchers, youth workers, municipal staff, young people and other professionals.

You can read more about Democracy Reloading on this webpage: It also has an interesting Toolkit you can explore.